Corona-Virus and Me UPDATE…


I am currently posted up in the  New Mexico desert...

I expect to be back in chatham may 1st.

The vast majority of my customers are in the high risk zone for this virus, and I have delayed my return in order to keep my distance.

I am still available for remote sessions, Emails, and calls.

I can help via remote sessions (remote controlling your computer screen), which is what I mostly do even when I am home.

Email Me or Leave a Message to arrange a time if you need any help.

Sorry for any delays. I will be MUCH more attentive when I get back to town.

About ME

Chatham Computer is run by Chatham, Ma. local resident Jim Fallon.

My reputation has been built by helping to ease the frustration folks have with daily computer usage along with an extremely high level of customer satisfaction.

 Jim Fallon