How To Make Your Mouse Pointer HUGE!


If you have trouble seeing your mouse, make it bigger!

This is an easy one. We have been able to mess with the looks of the Mouse Pointer for ages.

Microsoft recently added a nice touch to the mouse pointer, but you won't find the Big Mouse Pointer in the mouse settings!

The Big Mouse pointer is located in the "Ease of Access" settings.

Be careful in there, you can get yourself into a lot of trouble with the way things look on your screen.

So just play with the mouse pointer size for now. And if you do go messing around changing other things that your not sure about, always write down what you did before hand so you don't go turning your screen upside down. Yes there is a setting for that!

There are two ways to change the size of your mouse pointer. The old way, and the new way.

Control Panel, or Settings Wheel.
The old way uses the Control Panel that Windows has had since the early days of personal computing.
The new way uses the modern Settings Wheel that you can find when you click the Start Button to open the Start Menu

New Way - "Settings Wheel"

Click the START button, then SETTINGS, then Ease of Access.

On the left side of the Ease of Access settings, you will find "Cursor and Pointer". Just drag the slider over and make the mouse as large as you wish.

Here Is A GIF Of Where To Find The Mouse Setting For Making It Larger

Old Way - "Control Panel"

The OLD way relies on the old Control Panel.. I prefer this one, but many people prefer the giant sized pointers available in the Settings Wheel.

Just remember, take a good look at your mouse pointer before you make any of these changes. If your not happy with the way any of these new pointers look, you can always go back to the original pointer, by choosing the NONE option in Control Panel.

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