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How To Take And Share A Screenshot

A step-by-step overlay showing how to capture a screenshot using the ‘Snip & Sketch’ tool with the shortcut ‘Windows + Shift + S’ on a Windows desktop.

NOTE: There is an in-depth video at the bottom of this post! 

Taking And Sharing Screenshots Is An Essential And Easy To Perform Skill That Everyone Should Know How To Do

One of the best tools that has been built into Windows computers since the beginning , is the ability to take a snapshot or what is called a “screenshot” of anything that is on your computer screen and share or send it to someone.

There are also handy tools to annotate or draw upon the screenshot before you send it making your ability to explain something you’ve seen on your computer a lot easier for the person on the other side to understand.

I will show you two ways to access the screen shot tool which is actually called: “Snip and Sketch”

  • Click the START button on the computer, and scroll through the alphabetically sorted list of your programs until you find Snip and Sketch. Once you find it you can click to launch it OR right click it to PIN it to your Start Menu or Taskbar at the bottom of your screen for easier future access.
start button

Start Button

snip and sketch

Snip and Sketch in the List of Programs

  • The second way and by FAR my favorite way to access this tool is to use the keyboard shortcut, because it instantly brings up a crosshair that you can use to simply draw a box around whatever part of the screen you want to capture.The shortcut is performed by holding the SHIFT key + Windows Key + S on the keyboard.
windows shift S square

Below is a longer more in depth video explaining this article

For an optimal learning experience, here are some simple video playback controls to keep in mind:

  • Pause/Play: Simply tap the spacebar.
  • Advance 10 Seconds: Press the right arrow key.
  • Rewind 10 Seconds: Hit the left arrow key.