What Are Windows?


It's called "windows 10" for a reason you know...

If anyone is reading this and thinking to themselves, "isn't this obvious"?

Understand that the majority of my customers are "technology neophytes" so none of this stuff is obvious to them.

What's amazing is that they seem to stumble through it all anyway, and eventually get to what they were trying to do.

Here is a video that will explain one of the "basics" of computers, that  Many technically challenged folks don't fully understand

Even though you may only do one thing at a time on your computer, the rest of us do many, many, many things at one time.

We are writing an email in one Window, while browsing the Internet in another Window, while typing a document in a third Window.

The ability of an "App" to run in a "Window" is what allows us to "Multi-task". And the ability to move those Windows around, resize them, and minimize them (get them out of the way), is something that a lot of folks don't fully understand.

Here is the Windows "Windows" lesson you never had. 8 minutes - ish.

While watching a Tutorial Video, you can tap the  " j " key on your keyboard to go back 10 seconds

Now click on the video below to wATCH it...

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