May 14, 2019

What Is A Web Browser And How To Use One, Or How To Use “The Google”

This too is just a test blog post for now, you can kind of ignore this one also. Or read it just to see what I’m up to with this stuff. – JF

In the olden days of computers, just a few years ago, all of the “windows” we had on our screen, or “programs” had a wonderful thing at the top called a “Title Bar”. The title bar was like an anchor that told you in big bold letters exactly what program you were using on the computer.

I’d like to think that if someone clicks on an icon that says “Calculator” that they would remember that they are in the Calculator app, but it seems that many folks are pretty clueless at knowing exactly where they are on the computer.

They see something on the screen, and its just kind of there. The concept of a “web site” or a “web page” is still lost on many of the folks that I deal with. Some people find this to be almost impossible to believe but that really is the norm with many folks today. Many of the “less technically oriented” we can call them, I won’t say stupid even though that’s what the smart ass kid trying to help you will say, its not your fault that you never learned the basics.