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What To Expect When Windows 11 “Lands” On Your Computer


NOTE: There is an in-depth video at the bottom of this post! 

Windows 11 is Coming Whether You want It Or Not

There will always be new versions of your computers operating system. There's a lot of scumbags out there trying to compromise computer systems, and each new version of Windows is more secure than the previous one.

Dealing with Viruses and Malware used to take up the majority of my day back on Windows 7, we won't talk about Windows 8, but with Windows 10 it's practically putting me out of a job. It's very reliable and secure and now-adays most people are having less computer problems and more remembering the password problems.

The Windows Operating system for your computer has no choice but to keep up with the times. Its best you learn the coming changes and how to deal with them or you will always be falling behind.

Two things you will notice right off the bat...

  • The Taskbar is now in the center of the bottom of your screen, they have also shrunk that ridiculously large "search" box down to a more palatable and pleasant looking "magnifying glass".

    To the right of the new search icon will be 4 additional icons that you can easily remove. Search, Task-View, Widgets, and Chat, they can be removed from the same setting. Maybe click on them and explore what they are before you get rid of them, personally I find the new "widgets" and "chat" to be rather silly additions, so I canned them.

    To do that, just right click on any blank part of the taskbar and it will take you to the new taskbar settings, from there just flip the switch to turn off any of the new icons.

    You may also appreciate the OPTION to put the new centered taskbar icons, right back to the left where some people think they belong. I wish they had given us the OPTION to put the word "start" back onto the Start Button that they took away 20 years ago, then so many people wouldn't ask me where to find it.

Windows 11 Taskbar icons centered

Windows 10 Taskbar icons left

The ability to "turn off" any of the new icons on the task bar is pretty simple, just right click a blank space on the taskbar to get to this screen "taskbar settings"

Much appreciated is the option to put the icons back toward the left

  • The Start Menu no longer has those big squares we used to call "Live Tiles" anymore

The "new" Windows 11 Start Menu with regular icons, like a smart phone

Windows 10 Start Menu with "Live Tiles"

Windows 11 does not appear to have changed things much but...

This first update is really just the foundation for much more to come. There is a much more pleasant experience coming, and you will notice lots of subtle visual elements and a more unified look to everything overall.

The "apps" like Photos, and I hear even the Mail app will be getting a big update, will come along in time, but for now they had to do this part to get to the next part.

The pandemic had an interesting effect on Windows, Microsoft realized how important a product they had, even though many if not most people have switched to using tablets and phones to get the majority of their photos, and email type of tasks done, the REAL work of the internet and things gets done on a desktop computer with a large screen and keyboard.

This new refresh comes just as many companies large and small are realizing the benefits of letting people work from home, (they actually get more done!).

Below is a longer more in depth video explaining this article

Use the buttons in the lower right corner of the video to control speed, and full screen ability.

To PAUSE, Skip Ahead or Skip Back use the "J",  "K", and "L" keys on your keyboard:
 skip back 10 seconds ( J ), pause ( K ), and skip ahead ( L ).

In this video You will see:

  • A more "personal" tour of the new interface
  • How to remove those pesky new icons, and why they exist
  • How to customize/add/remove which icons appear on the new Start Menu
  • How to drag and drop the new icons to the desktop, they hid this one for some reason, but it is pretty simple
  • Thank you for sending this information about Windows 11.
    It is giving me confidence today, May 10, as things are starting to appear about downloading it and I am trying to determine if my old Dell will be able to.

    • yea if you go to Start Button on the computer and then SETTINGS, and then “update and security”, there should be something in there that tells you if it meets the requirements or not…

  • “HOME SOON.” Ha ha. The real true truth is Jim is NEVER home. He is all over the world, all the time, making the big bucks he does because people love him so much.

  • Jim, Thanks for sending the update on Windows followed by your comments. Your direction are easy to follow along with a window display showing exactly what to do, how to do it for deletion or improving system usage. Looking forward to your future comments on Windows. The traveling season is sure to come and hope your vacation to the Southwest this Summer is possible. Thanks.

    Frank K

    • Hey thanks Frank. I’m trying to figure out how to make this commenting system work as well.

      I’m guessing you won’t be notified of my reply to your comment but that is something I may work into the system if people want it. I’m in Utah right now, still working remotely! Be home soon and will try to post more often.

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